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Tanzanian Links

For several years Redhills has been closely linked with Donge and Magaoni Primary Schools in Tanga, Tanzania. The primary aim of this link is to develop a strong ethos of the global village for the pupils of all three schools, creating a strong channel of communication between pupils to deliver understanding of differing and shared beliefs, values and concepts. To achieve this global village ethos all three schools commit to two core objectives:


  • To develop the knowledge and skills so that individual pupils have a positive awareness of citizenship, and the confidence to make a contribution locally and globally. Vitally linked to this is clear idea of our interdependence with personal responsibilities for contributions to that relationship.


  • Each school will endeavour to develop strong sustainability practice as a result of shared ideas, skills and knowledge.



Regular fund raising has allowed for increased provision at these schools including the re-decoration of classrooms, a water supply, a kitchen and recently the first disabled toilet constructed at any school in the region.


The ‘Rafiki Council’ at Redhills liaises with their classes to create exciting fundraising events to generate money for much needed developments in Tanga. In 2015 children at Redhills organized a sponsored bounce. They were sponsored to see how many jumps they could complete on a bouncy castle - all the funds raised went towards building a community room at Donge, which provides training for local teachers and a base for a women’s cooperative group.


Regular web conferences are held where children here and those in Tanzania sing each other songs and ask questions. Teachers from Redhills have visited Tanzania a number of times and strive to include their experiences in the classroom through our developing 'Enrichment Curriculum'.


Teachers from Tanzania also visit Redhills on a regular basis to further strengthen the close link.


There are currently 23 orphans being sponsored by families/individuals linked with Redhills. Their contributions alongside Redhills funding means the children are able to continue education beyond primary level into further education or work based careers.

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