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We are lucky to have such an enthusiastic staff throughout the school, all striving to achieve the same goal – helping children to enjoy themselves and achieve well during their time at Redhills, all within a safe, healthy and positively supportive environment.

Assistant Headteacher, SENDCO & Lead Safeguarding Officer:   Miss Mary Furlong
Year 4, 5 and 6 Unit Leader: Mr Neil

Year 1 and EYFS Unit Leader: Ms Rowena Brown

Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Claire Kelley

Assistant Senco: Mrs Kate Williams



Cherry - Miss Beth Chapman,

              TA's - Mrs Sarah Fey,

Willow - Miss E Perry 

              TA's - Miss Nikki Beed

SEN-       Mr Mason Bartlett

SEN & EAL - Mrs Mel Johns               

Year 1:

Ash -     Mrs Eileen Pye, Mrs Kirsty Singfield 

              TA's - Mrs Anna Feighan, Mrs Anne Sturt  


Year 2:      

Elm -      Miss Kim Wills,

               TA's - Mrs Angela Hawkins

Pine -     Miss Kim Powley

               TA's - Mrs Emma Wright

SEN -      Mrs Nikki Horkan, Mrs Cassie Melton, Mrs Debbie Ley


Year 3:     

Silver Birch - Mr Tom Shaw

                   TA's - Mrs Hilary Hitchcock

Chestnut - Mrs Spry & Mr Widdowfield 

                   TA's - Mrs Rachel Oliver 

SEN -          Mr Sean Poulton, Mrs Natalie Cousins, Mrs Poppy Miller


Year 4/5:     

Sycamore - Miss A  Reid

                TA's - Mrs Teresa Cainey

Cypress - Mr Andy Semple

                TA's- Mrs Lesley Tarling

Cedar -     Mrs Eden Skinner

                 TA's - Mrs Amanda John

SEN -        Mr Callum Ellis,  Mrs Claire Williams, Mrs Barbara Beames, Miss Giselle Norah, Miss Kim Budd



Year 6:

Maple -    Mr Neil Price,  

                TA's - Mrs Sam Ottaway

Speech & Language -  Mrs Maria Gray
Librarian:    Mrs H Hitchcock

Senior Administrator & Attendance Officer - Mrs K Metherell 

Administrator - Miss Lindsay Delve


Lunchtime Assistants : Miss C Dunn, Mr M Goodwin, Mrs C George, Miss H Young,
                 Mrs J Cook, Mrs L Millington, Mr B Usher, Miss C Briggs,

Cleaning Supervisor:  Mr Goodwin 
Cleaners:    Mrs Green, Mrs Melton, Mrs Horkan, Miss C Briggs, Mr K Boxhall
Kitchen: Mrs T Burns, Mrs M Martin, Mrs A Braddon, Mrs C Bowden

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