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The Department for Education has recently announced Sport Funding for the next two years for all Primary Schools, and considers Sport in school to be very important.
As a school we have always recognized the need for children to participate in regular physical activities. All pupils receive the Government’s requirement of 2 hours of PE each week. It may be through two one-hour sessions or smaller sessions split over a number of days. We teach a variety of sports and also gym and dance as part of a balanced curriculum utilizing our outdoor and indoor facilities. All staff encourage the children to share with everyone the activities they do outside the school day and these are often celebrated in our assemblies. We promote positive play at breaktimes and encourage children to join clubs after school. These are run both by staff volunteers and by outside companies.
In year 4 the school funds an 8 week block of swimming lessons for all children and we provide opportunities for different ages to compete in different sports at a local level.
Sports club timetable
Tuesday Football club 3.15 – 4.15pm                     Years 2-6
Tag rugby club 3-4pm                              Years 5 and 6
Karate Clubs 5:30 – 8:00
Netball club  3-4pm                                   Years 4,5 and 6
Girls football club 3-4pm                           All year groups

Mrs L Spry, PE co-ordinator

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