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Wednesday 10th March


Today in assembly, Lilli had her hair cut by Mr. Busby. Lilli did this to not only raise nearly £1000 for Little Princess Trust, but to also donate her hair to them too. This wonderful charity make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. We are very proud of you Lilli and think your new hair looks amazing too! Lilli was given a Headteacher's Merit award for her inspiring attitude towards such a brilliant charity. 

Lilli's Haircut for The Little Princess Trust.

Lilli's Haircut for The Little Princess Trust.  1
Lilli's Haircut for The Little Princess Trust.  2
Lilli's Haircut for The Little Princess Trust.  3
Beech enjoyed a fire safety talk from Devon and Cornwall's Fire and Rescue Service. We were all very sensible and learnt lots about how to stay safe. Courtney and Josh even got to dress up in the full uniform!
World Book Day!

Fire Safety Talk

Fire Safety Talk 1
Fire Safety Talk 2
Fire Safety Talk 3
Fire Safety Talk 4
Fire Safety Talk 5
During the imitate stage of our English work, we acted out and learnt off my heart part of our 'Incredible Edibles' text. This is something we really enjoy doing and it helps us greatly with our own writing! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Our Trip to Morwellham Quay! 


On Friday 11th December all of year 4/5 visited Morwellham Quay. 

 We had a brilliant day and would love to tell you what we got up to!



On Friday, we visited the dressing room, the copper mine, the Victorian school and the dressing floor. I liked all the activities but I liked the Victorian school best. 


Tyler Moore:

My favourite part of the trip was the Copper Mine train. I liked it because it kept stopping and starting and it was fun. 



When we went onto the dressing floor we learnt about how noisy and dusty the work was for the children and that the more dangerous the job was, the more you got paid. 



I loved Morwellham Quay because we got to dress up as Victorian Children and mine copper on the dressing floor!



Once we arrived at Morwellham, we saw how everyone who worked there was dressed up as Victorians. During the day we visited a small classroom and got treated like proper Victorian children. We learnt about Victorian punishments and did some Victorian handwriting. 



I think you should go to Morwellham quay, you would love it! After visiting the school, I realised how hard it was to be a Victorian child. 



On Friday we went on a trip. My favourite part was the schoolhouse. I liked it because we had to chant a poem and it got faster and faster.


Mikey Simms:

I loved going into the Victorian cottages as it was really interesting to see how they would have lived. 


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